A hiatus and a return

So many things have happened since I last made a new post here. I’ve lost and gained jobs, paid off student loans, made the best friend I’ve ever had, seen my childhood best friend get married, started a new career and a ton of new video games have been released.

I completely missed celebrating the releases of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Mortal Kombat 11 on here, even though I got both games right after they were released. But unfortunately, just with life stuff happening (a lot of which has been a ton of fun), I just haven’t had much time to devote to writing. And I’ve definitely missed it and missed out. 

Now however, I’m looking to get back into the habit and start coming up with new post ideas. Sadly, the majority of posts I had saved in my drafts to finish are extremely outdated now, a year and a half later. But that just gives me the opportunity to start fresh and take a new dive into the video game world.

Even though I missed some huge releases, I’m planning to go back and still write about them but there’s also a bunch of games and  new content (BANJO IN SMASH) to look forward to. And I’m excited for all of it!


Happy Valentendos Day!

Dear lord, I mulled over that title for a long time, trying to come up with any clever Nintendo/Valentine’s Day jokes and it really didn’t work out. Sadly, Valentendos was the best I could do.

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