Notes 1

I’ve got a lot of things floating around in my head that I have enough info for some bullet points but not whole posts on each thought, so here I will be condensing all things video games and movies that I’ve been enjoying from the past few days.


We’re facing net neutrality issues again because we can’t have rules that giant companies have to adhere to, that’s just too unfair for them.

Here’s a good New York Times article about this latest attack on net neutrality and here’s another in-depth rundown on the issue from Save the Internet. Please take action on this issue by sending a comment to the FCC because it’s too big for people to sit by and do nothing.


Monday night, I got to see Justice League and had a great time. I went with my sister and she honestly makes movie-viewing experiences 100 times better, but I thought it was a pretty good movie either way.

There will be SPOILERS AFTER THIS POINT, if anyone cares to avoid them.

There was good humor but the movie wasn’t a joke-fest. It was entertaining and not crazy boring like I found both Batman v Superman and Man of Steel to be.

At one point in the theater, I realized how awesome it was to finally be seeing so many of these characters — Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg — brought to life on the big screen by actors who fit the parts to a T. I ended up liking both Flash and Cyborg a lot more than I expected to.

But I love team-up movies anyway because there’s something so awesome to me about seeing all these individuals come together to defeat a big bad that they couldn’t possibly take down on their own. I definitely got some goose bumps when they were all working in close proximity together to beat Steppenwolf at the end.

I think my favorite part of the movie was right after Superman was brought back to life and the rest of the League was trying to subdue him and he and Wonder Woman get into a progressively harder headbutt battle before he finally drives her into the ground with his final head bash.


I downloaded Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Tuesday morning and was able to get in some playtime before I had to go to work that morning.

What I’ve seen so far is pretty fun, for the mobile game that it is. The game is a lot bigger and there’s more to it than I expected. I’m excited to continue adding on to my campsite and have more villagers come visit.

I’m thinking I may do a post on Pocket Camp next week after the game has been out for a little while.


This Thursday is Thanksgiving, aka a holiday, and you know what that means! An Animal Crossing activity that takes hours!

I’ve had Animal Crossing New Leaf for probably about two years and nearly three Thanksgivings now. But Thanksgiving is the one holiday that I cannot become invested in the game’s holiday celebration. It is so time-consuming and I never have long enough to just play and find all the Harvest Festival items for Franklin.

Franklin is also probably my least favorite Animal Crossing special character anyway so I don’t feel too bad about it.



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