No Sleep Til After Halloween!

Occasionally I love to read scary stories and scare myself silly for the next few weeks.

This Halloween season has been no different!

I’ve been consuming scary story after urban legend after nightmare fuel for at least the last two weeks. I am now terrified of stuffed animals, dolls, taking my dog out at night, skinwalkers lurking in my backyard, being home alone, the dark — I could really go on and on here.

But I did get to read one of the best scary stories I’ve ever found online earlier this week.

Borrasca,” posted by Reddit user The_Dalek_Emperor in 2015, is amazing.

No spoilers!

The story starts off building up the big bad as likely being some supernatural enemy before completely turning that on its head and revealing that sometimes, humans are more terrifying than any made-up monster.

The suspense builds throughout the story and leads to, in my opinion, an extremely … well, “satisfying” definitely isn’t the appropriate word, but an ending that brings everything together.

The writer drops enough hints that, once you read the ending, you have a light bulb moment of “oh! everything makes sense now!” as you work backwards and piece all the information together.

One thing I will say — DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS before finishing the story. They will absolutely spoil the ending. But once you’re done reading, definitely check them out. They helped me put together things that I didn’t realize at first, which in turn made the story that much more horrifying.

What are your favorite scary stories? Let me know in the comments.


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