You Fool, This Isn’t Even My Final Form

Alternate Title — Mega Evolutions: Likely Soon to be Extinct, but Not Totally Hideous

I’ve had Pokemon on the brain recently, specifically mega evolutions.

I was fully prepared to talk about how ugly some of the mega evolutions are but once I actually looked at a full list of them from XY and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, I realized that there are more that look awesome rather than ugly.

Admittedly, I didn’t know what basically any of the megas looked like because I hardly ever used them when I played X. I used Lucario’s a few times but beyond that, mega evolutions weren’t really something I was too interested in using.


Even though no new megas were introduced in Gen 7, I likely wouldn’t have used them then either anyway.

But just because we likely won’t be getting any new megas in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moonor future generations doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the designs of the ones we already have.

Now I will be honest — absolutely all of these mega evolutions are goofy as frick. But! That doesn’t mean that they aren’t still kind of cool.

Anyway here we go, my top 6 favorite mega evolutions (and one honorable mention):

Honorable Mention: Alakazam

Just living life in the grooviest way possible

6. Ampharos

MaJeStIc flowing hair

5. Gyarados


4. Manectric

This guy just looks so 90s radical, from the color scheme to his multiple edges

3. Slowbro

A baby wrapped in a blanket and stuck in a carrier pack

2. Houndoom

One of my favorite Pokemon looking majestic as frick

1. Pidgeot

Really cool hair

What are your favorite mega evolutions? Or do you just not like them at all? Let me know in the comments!





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