Not Always Places You Want To Go

Video games create immersive experiences that take players a lot of places… Although they aren’t always places you want to go.

Some video games take players to areas that are genuinely scary and make the whole experience much darker. Other places, however, may just be eery or creepy but they didn’t scare your pants off.

After looking at the creepiest Pokemon last Halloween, this year, let’s pay a visit to some of the creepiest places in mostly Nintendo games.

Creepy Steeple


The Creepy Steeple is the home of many Boos and the Atomic Boo in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but the most important resident is Doopliss, who is even depicted in the stained-glass window in the Steeple’s foyer. This location is where Doopliss steals Mario’s identity and name, temporarily making him a shadow. … The in-game map description reads, “An old building deep in the woods that exudes a strange aura.”


Lavender Town


Lavender Town is a town in Kanto. Memorial sights are held in the Pokémon Tower and the House of Memories/Soul House. It is located north of Route 10.

In the first version of Pokémon Red and Green, the music was dubbed the scariest theme tune of its time. This music was only present in Red/Green and the international releases PokemonRed/Blue. When the updated version arrived, the theme was changed slightly to remove frequencies, which was also the case for the Version 1.0 music of the Pokémon Tower.

In the House of Memories/Soul House, if you stay there too long in Generation IV, the Pokémon outside of your Party will become sad and eventually angry.

There is a kid outside the Pokémon tower. if you interact with her, she will ask if you believe in ghosts. If you say no, she will say that there is a white hand on your shoulder.


Luigi’s Mansion


Luigi’s Mansion is a huge Ghost House constructed by the Boos that Luigi first encounters in the Nintendo GameCube game of the same name.

Prior to the events of Luigi’s Mansion, Professor Elvin Gadd traveled the world in his youth capturing ghosts and trapped them in portraits, with the final ghost he caught being Boolossus. King Boo freed Boolossus and the two of them freed the rest of the captured ghosts. They then conjured up a mansion near Professor Elvin Gadd’s Lab to mock him and sent a message to Luigi and Mario telling them that Luigi won the mansion in a contest in order to lure them there. Mario arrives first and is captured by King Boo and sealed away in a portrait. When Luigi arrives, Mario isn’t there, so Luigi explores the mansion in an attempt to locate him.

At the end of the game after Luigi defeats King Boo, the mansion vanishes and … Professor E. Gadd  reveals that the entirety of Luigi’s adventure took place in only one night and that the mansion itself was just an illusion.


Old Chateau


The Old Chateau is an old abandoned mansion in Eterna Forest. It is apparently haunted.

Upon entering, the player character finds it abandoned. After exploring, the player character may find the ghost of a little girl, and the ghost of an old man. Not often do they appear, but the player character can’t interact with them. Finally, upstairs, the player character can find a TV. If it is interacted with, it says ‘The TV has an oddly malevolent feeling….. almost as if it’s staring…..’ and nothing happens.

If, however, the player character interacts with the TV between 8 PM and 6 AM on Saturday or Sunday, it will explain that it appears to be a Pokémon staring at the player character from inside the TV. It will then ask the player character if the player character wants to thump it. If the player character does, Rotom’s cry will play, and the battle with it will begin.

The Old Chateau houses many ghosts:

  • Little Girl Ghost – The ghost of a little girl appears in one room. You cannot interact with her, and after leaving the room, she is nowhere to be found in the entire mansion.
  • Old Man Ghost – The ghost of an old man, possibly a butler, haunts the dining area. He glides across the room, and disappears in the kitchen.
  • Glaring Statue – A statue of a Pokémon appears in the main room. It glares at you if you speak to it.
  • Haunted Picture – In an upstairs room, a haunted picture appears. It will close its eyes if you walk close to it, and upon going into another room, its eyes will follow you. It is highly implied it is of a Gengar, since you can find a Gengar in the room with FireRed or LeafGreen in the bottom of the DS Lite.


Forever Forest


Forever Forest is a dark and maligned wood east of Toad Town in Paper Mario. Only specific pathways can be used to traverse the forest, as any deviation will lead back to the entrance. A distinguishing feature in the nearby foliage, from the behaviour of flowers or fungi to glowing eyes in a tree hollow, indicates the correct pathway. At the end of the wood stands Boo’s Mansion, inhabited by Lady Bow and her Boo servants. Oaklie and a Bub-ulb are the sole other residents of the forest.


Giant Chasm


The Giant Chasm is a location found in Unova where Kyurem can be found here at level 75 deep inside.

It is stated that whoever enters the Chasm, surely disasters will follow. The residents from Lacunosa Town refer to it as the “hole” where a dangerous monster lives.

It is said that disaster is said to befall trainers who approach the Giant Chasm, which may explain why Absol can be caught here.


River Twygz


The River Twygz is a subsection of The Underwhere in Super Paper Mario. It is evidently filled with the tears of sinners that give it a purple color.

The river is inhabited by Underhands, invincible, skeletal hands that will damage Mario and co.


Scarecrow Nightmare


Scarecrow Nightmares are a type of level featured in the Batman: Arkham series. They were heavily featured in Batman: Arkham Asylum, and reappeared in Batman: Arkham Knight. They are a result of Scarecrow injecting Fear Toxin into Batman or causing him to breathe it in.

There are a total of three Scarecrow Nightmares in Arkham Asylum. In the first two challenges, Batman must avoid Scarecrow’s gaze – otherwise he will be killed – and get to through an obstacle course to reach a Bat Signal, which he must shine on Scarecrow. In the third challenge, Skeletons will begin appearing (both regular and Titan enhanced) and Batman will have to deal with these while avoiding Scarecrow. In the final part of the challenge, Batman must fight an army of Skeletons to light up three Bat Signals to defeat Scarecrow.

In the first mission in Arkham Knight, the police officer you play as is influenced by Scarecrow’s gas, and so you enter into a Scarecrow Nightmare where you must fight several undead Scarecrow entities. (Who are actually innocent civilians. Killing even one alters dialogue later in the game.)

Early in the game Batman is gassed by Scarecrow’s special fear gas, thus the entirety of the game from this point onwards causes Batman to be stuck in a mix of reality, and Scarecrow Nightmare, with the Joker appearing often to the Dark Knight.

In the finale of the game, Scarecrow personally delivers fear toxin into Batman using his claw. The final level of the game is a Scarecrow Nightmare where the Joker takes down his rivals, before seeing what he truly fears, and then being followed by an army of Batman statues before finally being taken out by the Dark Knight himself.

During Arkham Asylum nightmares, sometimes lightning will strike down for a second and then again, between these two strikes, Batman changes to resemble Scarecrow.


What do you think are the scariest places in video games? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Not Always Places You Want To Go

  1. Lots of good ones here! I love Paper Mario and the spooky places are some of my favorite locations in the games. And the Scarecrow nightmares in Arkham Asylum are incredible, though I prefer the build-up to them more than actually moving through the platforming parts.

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