Nintendone: Nintendo’s Achievement System

Something interesting I saw recently: Nintendo is potentially working on an Achievement system, like Sony and Microsoft have.

I, for one, am pretty excited about this.

To start, here’s an article from IGN on how the discussion of a Nintendo Achievement System started.

I love Achievements. I love looking back at what I’ve accomplished in the game and it’s fun to see the different dates when I did that stuff. I was obsessed with checking out my achievements in Super Smash Bros Melee when I was younger, seeing how long it took me to unlock certain characters vs others and when I had collected a specific trophy.


One of my favorite achievements was when I revisited Super Smash Bros Brawl last year after not playing for several years and finally unlocked Wolf. The difference between my first achievement from like December 2008 to my most recent in 2016 gave me a pretty good laugh. I worked for eight years to get Wolf!

Recently, I started playing Mortal Kombat X again and I spent several minutes the other night just going through which achievements I already had. It was fun seeing which goofy names NetherRealm gave the trophies and what crazy thing I had to accomplish to earn them.

a37.jpg f99.jpg c0d.jpg 090.jpg 665.jpg bf1.jpg fd3.jpg  dfe.jpg

But I will say Achievement Systems never made me feel pressured to accomplish certain things, I thought it was cool that the hints could direct me to doing a certain task and then I’d get rewarded for it. It also doesn’t bother me when the trophies pop up in the corner of the screen on my PlayStation after you’ve achieved something.

I think an Achievement System could be really cool for Nintendo. I’m sure they’d give it an awesome name and make the trophies or achievements clever and funny.

How does everyone else feel about a Nintendo Achievement System? And what would be a good name for it? Let me know in the comments!



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