Awesome New Thor: Ragnarok Posters Released

I’m not the biggest fan of the Thor movies but these new character posters are awesome!

The posters, inspired by Marvel Comics artist Jack Kirby, showcase eight main characters from Thor: Ragnarok and feature the famous “Kirby Krackle” effect.

According to the Jack Kirby Museum’s website:

In the 60’s Jack Kirby began to draw clusters of round black dots to depict enormous but not necessarily directed energy, often of a cosmic nature. This simple graphic technique was so effective that it has been picked up by other comic book artists and can still be found in comics of today. The device has been given the name Kirby Krackle.

I love the bright colors and how great all the characters look. I’m really into this Krackle Effect.

Heeeere’s Thor, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Valkyrie, Loki, Hela, the Grandmaster and Heimdall, looking more amazing than ever!









From the trailers, Thor: Ragnarok definitely looks like it’ll be my favorite Thor movie out of the three. The first two just couldn’t hold my attention. But, you know, third time’s the charm. If nothing else, they at least got my attention with these posters.

Are you guys excited for Thor: Ragnarok? What movies are you most looking forward to this fall? Justice League! Let me know in the comments!

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