Diddy Kong Racing! Press Start!

Diddy Kong Racing was one of the first racing games I ever played besides probably Pole Position. Sadly, I was really  bad at it for a long time. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have tons of fun with it, darn it!

I loved so many things about DKR.

Getting to race in a hovercraft was awesome, even if the handling was a bit tricky for me.


The race tracks were unlike any I had seen before on Pole Position and Cruis’n the World, with giant dinosaurs, whales and snowballs and ghosts decorating the courses.


And the makers of the game had gotten the music just right. It set just the right atmosphere for the individual worlds but still carried the same frenzied feeling throughout each track.

While I was unfamiliar with the characters aside from Diddy (though in hindsight, I believe DKR was the first appearance for everyone but Diddy), I loved them all.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 3.52.27 PM.png

Except for Diddy. I remember really hating him and refusing to play as him when I was younger, even though he was the most balanced character. Aside from knowing I was going to avoid Diddy, I always had a hard time choosing who to play as.

I will say though, Banjo was my absolute favorite character. He just looked so cool in his bright yellow shorts — my favorite color.


As I mentioned above, the racetracks were certainly unique. They each had so much going on and were loaded with personality. Some of them still remain my favorite tracks from any racing game.

So now let’s get into my favorite Diddy Kong Racing tracks (excluding Battle Stages because I loved them all except for Darkwater Beach):

  • Whale Bay (Sherbet Island)
  • Boulder Canyon (Dragon Forest)
  • Hot Top Volcano (Dino Domain)

  • Snowball Valley (Snowflake Mountain)

  • Haunted Woods (Dragon Forest)
  • Crescent Island (Sherbet Island)
  • Frosty Village (Snowflake Mountain)

What are your memories with Diddy Kong Racing? Which tracks did you like best? And did anyone play the remake for the DS? if so, how’d that go?  Let me know in the comments!


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