Ranking Mario Kart 8 weight classes and racers

My favorite part of playing video games is getting to pick the character I play as. And if I have special customization options, like costumes or karts, then it’s even better!

Much like how I jump from character to character in Super Smash Bros, I love having my options wide open in Mario Kart as well. Although Pink Gold Peach is definitely my number one favorite.

Mario Kart 8 is hands-down my favorite game in the MK series and probably my favorite game on the Wii U as well. I’ve spent a lot of time with this game since I got my Wii U back in 2015. I bought the console bundle that came with Super Mario 3D World and got Mario Kart 8 along with it and I’ve had a blast with the game ever since.

Besides the beautiful visuals, awesome handling and steering and great kart customization, the character roster is what I was most excited about when I first picked up the game.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 2.48.27 PM.png

And so, with Pink Gold Peach being declared as my ultimate favorite character in MK8, I decided to rank each weight class then rank the racers from my favorite to least favorite within that weight class.

Once I break it down by weight class, the order of racers within that class is pretty much arbitrary based on which characters I play as most and just like the looks of.  The only character that will be left off the list is the Mii racer but I don’t ever use them.

Alright everyone, I’m about to break it down so watch out!


  1. 32px-MK8_PGPeach_Icon.png Pink Gold Peach 53px-MK8_PinkGoldPeach.png
  2. 32px-MK8_Dry_Bowser_Icon.png Dry Bowser
  3. 32px-MK8_DKong_Icon.png Donkey Kong75px-MK8_DonkeyKong.png
  4. 32px-MK8_Waluigi_Icon.png Waluigi 73px-MK8_Waluigi.png
  5. 32px-MK8_Roy_Icon.png Roy 68px-MK8_Roy.png
  6. 32px-MK8_MMario_Icon.png Metal Mario 55px-MK8_MetalMario.png
  7. 32px-MK8_Bowser_Icon.png Bowser 65px-MK8_Bowser.png
  8. 32px-MK8_Link_Icon.png Link
  9. 32px-MK8_Rosalina_Icon.png Rosalina 70px-MK8_Rosalina.png
  10. 32px-MK8_Morton_Icon.png Morton 56px-MK8_Morton.png
  11. 32px-MK8_Wario_Icon.png Wario 72px-MK8_Wario.png



  1. 32px-MK8_ShyGuy_Icon.png Shy Guy 75px-MK8_ShyGuy.png
  2. 32px-MK8_Lemmy_Icon.png Lemmy 52px-MK8_Lemmy.png
  3. 32px-MK8_Larry_Icon.pngLarry 48px-MK8_Larry.png
  4. 32px-MK8_Isabelle_Icon.png Isabelle
  5. 32px-MK8_Lakitu_Icon.png Lakitu 75px-MK8_Lakitu.png
  6. 32px-MK8_Toadette_Icon.png Toadette 75px-MK8_Toadette.png
  7. 32px-MK8_Toad_Icon.png Toad 75px-MK8_Toad.png
  8. 32px-MK8_Koopa_Icon.png Koopa Troopa 75px-MK8_Koopa.png
  9. 32px-MK8_Wendy_Icon.png Wendy 60px-MK8_Wendy.png
  10. 32px-MK8_BabyLuigi_Icon.png Baby Luigi 75px-MK8_BabyLuigi.png
  11. 32px-MK8_BabyDaisy_Icon.png Baby Daisy 74px-MK8_BabyDaisy.png
  12. 32px-MK8_BabyMario_Icon.png Baby Mario 75px-MK8_BabyMario.png
  13. 32px-MK8_BabyRosalina_Icon.png Baby Rosalina 74px-MK8_BabyRosalina.png
  14. 32px-MK8_BabyPeach_Icon.png Baby Peach 74px-MK8_BabyPeach.png


  1. 32px-MK8_Tanooki_Mario_Icon.png Tanooki Mario
  2. 32px-MK8_Luigi_Icon.png Luigi 75px-MK8_Luigi.png
  3.  32px-MK8_Ludwig_Icon.png Ludwig 58px-MK8_Ludwig.png
  4.  32px-MK8_Yoshi_Icon.png Yoshi 75px-MK8_Yoshi.png
  5.  32px-MK8_Peach_Icon.png Peach 75px-MK8_Peach.png
  6.  32px-MK8_Iggy_Icon.png Iggy 51px-MK8_Iggy.png
  7. 32px-MK8_Cat_Peach_Icon.png Cat Peach
  8. 32px-MK8_Mario_Icon.png Mario 75px-MK8_Mario.png
  9. 32px-VillagerFemale-Icon-MK8.png32px-VillagerMale-Icon-MK8.png Female/Male Villager
  10. 32px-MK8_Daisy_Icon.png Daisy 75px-MK8_Daisy.png


If I’m not using a heavier racer like Pink Gold Peach or Dry Bowser, my go-to is usually Blue Shy Guy. I like to use a variety of karts just for the challenge of trying everything but I really enjoy using heavier character on bikes, especially the Yoshi Bike and Sport Bike.



Or light characters in my favorite karts, like the Pipe Frame or Landship.



Now that you know how I like to race, what’s your favorite way to take on some of Nintendo’s best in kart racing? What’s is your preferred racer weight class? What’s your favorite racer/kart/tires/glider combination? Let me know in the comments below!


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