Paper Mario insane screen grabs: Chapter 1

This guy knows how to live — in constant fear of looking uncool

paper mario ch1 1.png

paper mario ch1 2.png

Keep those priorities straight, Kooper

paper mario ch1 3 .png

Even before he officially joins the party, Kooper is already a vital member of the team

paper mario ch1 4.png

Kooper brought his angry eyes, just in case

paper mario ch1 5.png

This Koopa Bro is looking decidedly uncool right now

paper mario ch1 6.png

Bombette the Menace doesn’t mince words

paper mario ch1 8.png

More Koopa Troopas looking super uncool

paper mario ch1 9.png

Koopas being uncool off-screen

paper mario ch1 10.png

Can’t believe we’re facing Bowser??? so early in the game! I’m shocked!

paper mario ch1 12.png

paper mario ch1 15.png

I love the stitching on his body and his wheels for feet! And those block fists! Amazing!

paper mario ch1 11.png

…Oh never mind

paper mario ch1 13.png

paper mario ch1 14.png

But consider this: a mobile game

paper mario ch1 16.png

That stitch work wasn’t as solid as it looked

paper mario ch1 17.png

paper mario ch1 19.png

Why do they keep making this face?

paper mario ch1 20.png

At least they’ll have the remains of their Bowser??? costume and that picture of Peach to keep them company 

paper mario ch1 22.png

Maybe seek medical attention for this problem

paper mario ch1 23.png

She knew there was a secret passageway, she made the decision to press the button. Why is she so surprised that something is happening?

paper mario ch1 24.png

paper mario ch1 25.png


paper mario ch1 26.png

paper mario ch1 27.png

Bowser should be more responsible with his possessions

paper mario ch1 29.png

paper mario ch1 30.png

This is an extremely small room. Bowser didn’t see Peach until he was right up on her? Instead of kidnapping the Princess, maybe Mr. Nearsighted needs to get some glasses

paper mario ch1 31.png

When confronted with being nosy, Peach takes a standing up nap to try and get out of trouble

paper mario ch1 32.png

Being carried everywhere is the only way for a princess to travel

paper mario ch1 33.png

Screen grabs taken from Krow’s Graveyard‘s awesome Paper Mario walkthrough


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