Ranking Mario Kart 8 weight classes and racers

My favorite part of playing video games is getting to pick the character I play as. And if I have special customization options, like costumes or karts, then it’s even better!

Much like how I jump from character to character in Super Smash Bros, I love having my options wide open in Mario Kart as well. Although Pink Gold Peach is definitely my number one favorite.

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Summertime Tunes!

Video games use music to set a specific mood and tone. And I’m about to use this list of songs to get everyone in the summertime mood!

Currently, where I live, it’s smack in the middle of a sizzling summer and I’m melting in the heat. These songs are helping me get in the tropical mood and ignore the ridiculous weather as much as possible.

So in honor of today, June 21, the first official day of summer, here’s a list of music from Nintendo games to help get you embrace the summer!

What’s your favorite song from a video game that reminds you of summer? Did I forget any major ones in my list? Let me know in the comments below!