Go Go Reboot Rangers!

Alternative title: ‘We Should Start a Band: The Movie.’

But seriously, this movie reignited my old dream of being a Power Ranger.

Mighty morphin’ power spoilers incoming!

I went into the Power Rangers not expecting much and I walked out of the theater, having had a great time watching this movie.

On most counts, it was a genuinely good movie and I would absolutely watch it again.

The jokes were funny, the world building was good and there was a surprising amount of character exploration that really worked. 


There was a joke where no one knew Trini’s name and instead called her Didi that they kept calling back to during the movie. I think that was probably my favorite running joke and callback.

My second favorite callback started with a note passed in detention between the Rangers that said ‘ We should start a band’ that came up another time or two.

And another good one, because I just can’t help myself, involved Jason slapping a kid who was bullying Billy in the beginning of the movie. In the finale, when the Rangers are fighting Rita, her ultimate demise comes as a result of Jason — in the Megazord — using the giant arm to slap Rita into space.

Billy was an awesome character who I did not expect to like as much as I did. I’d easily say he was my favorite character in the movie. And I really enjoyed his and Jason’s friendship.

There was a cool training montage set to Handclap by Fitz and the Tantrums and it featured a scene with Trini and Kimberly sitting at a table, playfully fighting over the last bite of a donut, which was adorable.


But I’d be straight lying if I said every part of the movie was unquestionably great.

The villain, Rita Repulsa, felt like she was taken from a different movie and just inserted into this one. Her characterization didn’t fit the tone of the rest of the movie and some of her scenes were almost jarring because they felt so out of place.

As much as I enjoy groups of people coming together and the magical power of friendship in movies (no sarcasm, I truly live for movies like this), some of it in the Power Rangers ultimately felt unearned.

The movie stressed that the Rangers only had 11 days to come together, master their powers and defeat Rita. Having this specific time laid out really didn’t work for me. It felt like too short of a timeframe for the Rangers to come together like they did. Although Billy dying really served to speed everything up and was a more emotional moment than I was prepared for when I went into this movie.

Trini and Zack didn’t get as much character exploration as the other Rangers seemed to get. Hopefully, though, they can be more fleshed out in the sequels.


Even still, all the Rangers did a good job. The actors completely sold everything they were given and worked together really well. The characters were charming.

There were parts during the climax of the movie where I caught myself staring at the screen with my mouth hanging open because the Power Rangers were pushing every nostalgia button I had. And it was awesome.

However, there were other scenes where I laughed out loud, not because anything purposely funny was happening, but because it was so outrageous that I couldn’t take it seriously. But even still, those just made the movie more enjoyable in a different — albeit probably unintended — way.

If I’m being objective, I’d give this movie a 7/10. But if I’m going off my own hype, I’d give it a 9/10. Either way, a strong recommend.

So what’d you guys think of the new Power Rangers movie? And which Ranger from the movie was your favorite? Like I said earlier, mine was definitely Billy!


Bonus! Now let’s talk about my own history with Power Rangers, because this was the first show I remember really getting into it and being a super fan.


I was probably 4 or 5 when I became aware of the Power Rangers as a thing and instantly marked Kimberly as my favorite. I even dressed up as the Pink Ranger for Halloween one year. Of course, I continued wearing the Power Ranger suit long after I’d lost the pink mask that went with it and had actually outgrown the suit.

But I loved the first Power Rangers movie. I remember we used to rent it constantly from Blockbuster.

In my opinion, this new Power Rangers movie was an excellent adaptation of the characters I loved as a kid.


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