Paper Mario insane screen grabs: Prologue

Are you ready for this adventure?

Kammy Koopa tries to fight a literal child

paper mario prologue21.png

paper mario prologue22.png

paper mario prologue14.png

paper mario prologue16.png

Being a handyman is a thankless job

paper mario prologue17.png

paper mario prologue19.png

paper mario prologue20.png

A total wimpola, guys

paper mario prologue23.png

Luigi being a jealous punk

paper mario prologue1.png

paper mario prologue2.png

Bowser needs a hobby. Also, Star Spirits going in on him

paper mario prologue3.png

paper mario prologue4.png

paper mario prologue5.png

Twink’s melting

paper mario prologue6.png

Magikoopa wants that fame and notoriety. Seriously, what if this doofus could beat Mario where no one else could?

paper mario prologue7.png

paper mario prologue8.png

paper mario prologue9.png

Mario tastes defeat at the hands of Merlin’s door

paper mario prologue10.png

Goombario fishes for compliments, receives none so he compliments himself

paper mario prologue11.png

paper mario prologue12.png

paper mario prologue13.png

Screen grabs taken from Krow’s Graveyard‘s Paper Mario walkthrough.


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