My Pokemon Starters through the Gens!

Only the most beautiful of starters for me!

Ahead of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s release on Friday, where I will once again not pick the fire starter, I thought I’d go over all the starters I’ve chosen through the generations up until now, based on their appearances. Because that is honestly the only criteria I’ve ever used to pick my starter.

I’m starting at my first generation, Gen 3, and moving up through Gen 6. Plus I’ll preview my starter pick for Gen 7.

Here we go!

Generation 3


My first ever Pokemon game was Emerald and I understood nothing about how these games worked. I absolutely loved it. I picked Treecko as my starter. Though looking back at all three starters from that generation, Mudkip and Torchic are way cuter and seem more in line with what I would choose now. I don’t remember what my through process was behind choosing Treecko but I’d probably pick either one of the others before Treecko now.

Like I said, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing so by the time I stopped playing the game I had a very over leveled Sceptile. I used that jerk to crush anything because I didn’t understand about typing match ups or weakness or anything. But he got the job done.

Sceptile is also just kind of ugly. I don’t know how I felt at the time, but if, now, my Grovyle turned into that, I would be most disappointed.


Out of all my starters, I’m going to say Treecko was my biggest disappointment.

Generation 4


Gen 4 started my run of run of water type Pokemon with Piplup. Looking back at Chimchar and Turtwig, I believe I chose Piplup because the other two were quite ugly.

Then tiny little Piplup becomes distinguished looking Prinplup. Also until typing this, I didn’t realize its name was not Prinlup.


And finally we’re hit with Empoleon, which is a pretty cool name.


Its design looks kind of frightening outside of sprite form. The little sprite is kind of cute. The picture of it, though, makes it look a little frightening where you can really see the trident thing over its face.

Generation 5


I remember going into the starter selection process already hating Snivy. I blame the anime. I don’t remember giving much through to Tepig really. But Oshawott is so cute and looks so happy that I had to choose it.

Let me just say, I really hate its final evolution to Samurott. If memory serves, I never actually evolved Dewott into Samurott.


And thank goodness because it looks nothing like the two previous evolutions.


If I was just shown Oshawott and Dewott that I would pick out Samurott as the natural final evolution. It’s just so out of nowhere compared to the first two.

Generation 6


This is the first generation where I really wavered back and forth on who to pick. I came very close to choosing Chespin. And I even considered Fennekin for a while before finally choosing Froakie.

Sometimes I still wonder if I made the right choice. But it’s too late for regrets! Way too late! Almost to the next generation too late!

Frogadier has a cool name but the design makes him look a little suspect. Like maybe he just stole your wallet and now he’s going to hang around to see how long it takes you to notice.


And if I don’t think about the fact that Greninja uses its tongue like a scarf then it doesn’t bother me. Awesome!


But really I think Froakie is the first starter where I’ve not absolutely hated one of its evolutions so I’ll consider this a win for both Gen 6 and Froakie!

Generation 7


This will be the first generation where I actually know a lot of information on all three of the starters beforehand. Until Gen 7, I chose starters solely based on how they looked when the Professor offered them to me. I went in with absolutely no knowledge beforehand and most times I didn’t even know what they would look like until the Professor presented them to me.

But with Sun and Moon, I’ve really kept up with a lot of the information concerning the starters and that honestly makes me even more excited for the game. I’m finally not going in blind!

I was indifferent towards Popplio but I don’t care for its evolution into Brionne but its final evolution Primarina ends up being awesome.

I actually liked Litten at first but its evolution into Torracat was too samey looking. Incineroar looks absolutely insane. I think I mean that in a good way. I like the wrestler theme to Incineroar, if nothing else.

But ultimately I’m going with tiny round owl Rowlet. He’s too stinking adorable! Dartrix looks cool as well with its flippy hair.


Then BAM! We’ve got Decidueye here to destroy your life.


I’m really excited about this whole evolutionary line and I can’t wait to travel across the Alolan region with this guy.

As far as naming goes for Gen 7, I’m planning to name Rowlet after Green Arrow and continue with the DC Comics names as I add to my team.



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