Trying to Purchase an NES Classic was Nerve Wracking

Nintendo released the new NES Classic Mini on Friday morning. And promptly sold out within minutes, dashing the hopes of thousands of people hoping to return to their video games roots.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.28.24 AM.png

According to reports and my own personal experience, retailers in America didn’t receive nearly enough units to satisfy consumer demand. In fact, within hours of the NES Minis being released, scalpers were posting the consoles on eBay and asking for several hundred dollars.

I had been looking forward to the NES Classic’s release since it was announced during the summer. However, I – along with Nintendo apparently – didn’t realize how popular the console would be. Then I started googling to see what all stores would be carrying it upon release on Friday and saw multiple news articles about the demand for NES Classic and how no stores were doing preorders.

And that’s when I started panicking. I hadn’t considered that it might actually be difficult to get my hands on the NES Classic.

So I did what any desperate person would do and called my local GameStop. Yes, they would be selling NES Classic’s on Friday. ‘Are you likely to sell out quickly?’ Well we have had a lot of calls about them today. ‘Great… What time do you open?’ 10 a.m.

And thus started my journey of agonizing over trying to purchase an NES Classic and trying to figure out the best time to get to GameStop to ensure I would receive the console.

Eventually I settle on getting to GameStop around 8:30 Friday morning, which admittedly was me jumping the gun a little bit because there was no one else in sight until at least half an hour later.

Although by the time 9 a.m. rolled around, I was glad I had gotten there so early because that’s when people started lining up outside the door.

I’m going to say, I was irritated when they initially started doing that but after a while I figured I should join them so I didn’t miss out on my console!

By the time I joined the line, I was the fifth person. Around 20 minutes until 10:00, one of the employees stuck his head out the door and asked how many people were there for the NES Classic. Everyone in line told him that’s what they were there for and he informed the line that they had only gotten 5 consoles and the first five people in line would be getting them.

YEEEESSSSSS! I’d be getting one! And the very friendly people in line in front of me would also be getting theirs!

That’s also when the less friendly people in line behind me realized that they wouldn’t be getting one. So of course they kept inching closer to me in hopes that they would be able to get into the store first.

HA SUCKERS! The employees, those smart cookies, knew what was what and kept the NES Classics behind the counter and gave them out at the register to the first five people who had been lined up.

I had to preorder a second controller but that’s a minor thing considering I was able to get my console.


It’ll be so awesome to be able to play the system that’s responsible for introducing me to video games when I was 3 years old and to play with that simple rectangular controllers again!

I’m super excited to boot it up and play with my family during the holidays next week!



3 thoughts on “Trying to Purchase an NES Classic was Nerve Wracking

  1. Well, congratulations. I have had a suspicion since it was announced that this would be the next amiibo. Nintendo just does not understand the passion of its fan base. I want one, but I cant really take time off work to fight for one, so it will probably not be until after Christmas that I get one, if at all. All I can say is that this better not happen with the Switch.


    • Thanks! I was lucky enough that I had the day off on Friday anyway so I was able to spend that time in line.

      But I agree. Nintendo vastly under estimated how many people wanted this console, even people who haven’t played games since the NES wanted it for the nostalgia. My first reaction is to say no way they’ll do this with the Switch supply. But then I remember how difficult it was to get a Wii when it came out and well, it’s always a possibility.


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