Paper Mario Chapters Ranked! 6. Chapter 8: A Star-Powered Showdown!

6. Chapter 8: A Star-Powered Showdown!


I’m putting Chapter 8 in last place because I don’t particularly enjoy the end of the game that much. Especially traveling through certain parts of Bowser’s Castle, it just gets tedious.

I really don’t have all that much to say about this one because I usually stop playing the gameĀ once I pass through Star Haven. I love the aesthetics Star Haven has going on but I don’t enjoy the lead up to the final fight against Bowser.


But there are some really fun parts. Like the Duplighost who pretends to be Princess Peach and when Jr. Troopa beats up the Koopa Bros.

Plus the Bowser-face doors that get annoyed when Mario is able to progress are the best.


Then Mario gets that sweet parade at the end that lasts for about 20 minutes.





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