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Paper Mario Chapters Ranked! 8. Prologue: A Plea from the Stars

8. Prologue: A Plea from the Stars

I’m putting the prologue so low because it’s basically just housekeeping stuff you have to go through to introduce the player to the game, controls and world.
(Although the party at Peach’s castle isn’t technically part of the prologue, I’m including it in this section anyway.)
But the party at Peach’s castle does allow the player to see and talk to characters from several of the areas that Mario will travel to later. Plus, it also shows off a few of the wide variety of character personalities Mario will encounter.
The prologue is obviously full of firsts. It gives us our first look at the Star Spirits and our first fight with Jr. Troopa, who will become a real thorn in Mario’s side. We also get our first party member, in the form of Goombario. Though he’s one of the least useful party members, I do love his little sprite with his little blue hat. And Mario encounters the first “boss” – the Goomba King, a huge doofus with swirling eyes! What fun!




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