Animal Crossing Update Released Today! Now with 100% more amiibo!


Nintendo unveiled the awesome new Animal Crossing: New Leaf update earlier today in a camping-themed Direct hosted by Harvey (Animal Crossing series Producer Hisashi Nogami) and K.K. Slider.


In-game, Harvey is a new hippy dog who helpfully introduces characters to the new Campground area.


The direct showed off the new features available through the update, including amiibo capability that allows villagers and other special characters to visit – and potentially move into – a player’s town.

A new series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards featuring 50 villagers that have never come to New Leaf before will be released on December 2. A full list of these villagers can be viewed at the end of the direct.

These new villagers’ amiibo cards and other special characters’ amiibo figurines can be scanned into the game and they will visit a new Campground set up in town. By visiting the characters in their RVs, a player can obtain any item seen in it, which won’t be available in town.


Only villagers from the upcoming new amiibo cards will show up in the Camground, where players can entice them to move in permanently. Scanning the older villager amiibo cards will have the villager move into the town without showing up in the Campground.

Special NPCs will not move into your town, however. So don’t get your hopes up of having Tom Nook as your new next door neighbor.


But! Scanning the special NPC amiibo figurines will unlock two games, Desert Island Escape and Animal Crossing Puzzle League. The games can also be unlocked by obtaining new items in the game – Desert Island Escape can be unlocked by obtaining the new Wii U console item and Animal Crossing Puzzle League can be unlocked by obtaining the new New Nintendo 3DS XL and New Nintendo 3DS items. These items can be obtained through fortune cookies at the Nooklings’ shop.

Animal Crossing is also crossing over with other games’ amiibo! The direct featured villagers unlocked by scanning Splatoon amiibo and villagers and clothes unlocked by the Legend of Zelda amiibo.

IMG_1407.png IMG_1408.png

Players can also earn a new form of currency, Meow (Mutual Exchange of Wealth) Coupons, by doing things around their town, like picking up fruit. Meow Coupons are used to by items from villagers in the Campground.

There’s also a new “invisible closet” feature, courtesy of Nook’s Homes. This gives the player more storage space and can be accessed from anywhere.

If players add the closet and also pass an interior design seminar, they can now move furniture by using the Touch Screen, like in Happy Home Designer. To this I say, THANK OUR NINTENDO OVERLORDS! Moving furniture by having to push everything around the room was such a pain and the moving method introduced in Happy Home Designer is a million times better, easier and more convenient.


And, unfortunately for people who restarted their town in anticipation of this update, players can now potentially sell their old town to Tom Nook if they decide to start over. Tom Nook will evaluate your town and give you an amount of bells that he deems adequate. Those will then be deposited in the player’s ADB and available for use when you begin your new town.


As soon as I get home, I’m updating my game and paying the lovely villagers of my town, Gyrodale, a long overdue visit!

The update can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop.

For more information, visit



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