Paper Mario Chapters: Ranked! 9. Trials in the Toy Box


9. Chapter 4: Trials in the Toy Box

While Mario gets one of my favorite partners during this chapter, Shy Guys Toy Box is my least favorite location in the game.

I think the thing that really drives me crazy about this chapter is the music. It’s so repetitive and easily my least favorite piece of music in the game. It kind of makes me dread playing this chapter.

I also don’t like that the chapter essentially just takes place in Toad Town. In theory, it’s an interesting aspect to have Shy Guys secretly living in a toy box in the middle of town. But only being in Toad Town once you come out of the box isn’t nearly as fun as other locations in the game.

But on the positive side, I enjoy how the Shy Guys disrupt life in Toad Town, especially when they take over the store in the first section of town and refuse to sell Mario any items. The actual owner Toad just hangs outside the store, waiting for Mario to fix it!

Although the location has some bad music, the chapter’s boss – General Guy – is my favorite boss in the game and General Guy’s March is my favorite piece of music.



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