Paper Mario TTYD Badges: Ranked

Once I sat down to make the Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door most useful badges list, I remembered that a lot of the badges repeat between TTYD and the first game. That fact made this list a lot shorter because I decided to only include badges that are either available in TTYD or that are available in both games but I only use them in TTYD.

In TTYD, you get a little more freedom with badges. There’s more BP to be had, which leads to more and better badge combinations. Also, now you can change Mario’s clothes and that’s my favorite thing ever.
Lemblem.gif L Emblem – 0 BP – Changes Mario’s clothes into Luigi’s clothes. If combined with the W Emblem, it will change Mario’s clothes to Waluigi’s clothes.
I’m going to be honest and say that Luigi is my favorite Mario Bro. I prefer his green to Mario’s red. I was overjoyed when I found this badge! It was probably the closest I’ll ever get to playing as Paper Luigi.
Luckystart.gif Lucky Start – 4 BP – Every time a battle begins, Mario will be given a random beneficial status effect for 3 turns: dodginess, electrification, HP recovery (+2 per turn), or FP recovery (+2 per turn).
I do love my badges to be both random and helpful. Regardless of what status effect Mario gets, it’s going to be something helpful. And everyone can always use a bit of help as they head into battle.
Returnpostage.gif Return Postage – 7 BP – Permanently gives Mario the counterattack status, forcing contact attackers to take 1/2 the damage they do to Mario (rounded down).
I appreciate this badge mostly just for the work that it takes to obtain it. After spending a billion hours working to complete the Pit of 100 Trials and finally defeating Bonetail, you freaking bet I’m going to at least use this badge for a little while.
Timingtutor.gif Timing Tutor- 1 BP – Teaches the timing for Stylish Moves. An exclamation mark will appear over the character’s head when the player should press A.
Successfully completing a Stylish Move is a pretty nice feeling. Especially once you memorize the timings and are able to just do it from memory. Timing Tutor helps me get to the point where I can just remember the timings.
Wemblem.gif W Emblem – 0 BP – Changes Mario’s clothes into Wario’s clothes. If combined with the L emblem, it will change Mario’s clothes to Waluigi’s clothes.
Bright purple and yellow clothes for Mario. Grubba should be pleased by this badge since it brightens up Mario’s costume a bit. Again, I love being able to dress Mario up in outfits other than his traditional red and blue overalls. And combining it with the L Emblem to make Waluigi’s outfit is the best thing ever! I remember when I first read that was something people thought happened and thinking ‘yeah I doubt that.’ It sounded like a too-good-to-be-true rumor. I was so excited when it turned out to be true!

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